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Freddy Page: Videography Bio

Freddy Page is a late bloomer in the videography world, but not new in the realm of communication and storytelling. The bulk of his career in creativity was spent with the Auraria Higher Education Center, the largest college campus in the state of Colorado. Primary among his tasks at Auraria was in the creation of various communication vehicles aimed at providing effective communication to a wide and diverse community. In this capacity, he served as the Director of Communications and Marketing. Freddy completed his communications career with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment before retirement.

Freddy is an avid watcher of video, film and television. So often he would see something poorly produced and say, “I could do better than that.” With that as his motivation, he then said, “I guess I’d better learn HOW I can do better than that.” After attending multiple classes covering multiple disciplines of video production with Boulder Digital Arts, he earned a Certificate of Videography. After an additional two years of video production internships, he decided to launch his own small business venture, Page 2 Video Services.

With Page 2, Freddy hopes to help small businesses and anyone that has a story to tell, bring that story to life visually. Whether it’s a product or service to promote, a special event to share or remember, Page 2’s goal is to provide professional service for those with little or no budget and produce big results.

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