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Video Services

Turn your story into a long-lasting video memory

What Can Page 2 Do For You?

Page 2 Video Services is an affordable video production company, specializing in creating video opportunities for clients with no or low budgets. Expect big ideas and big results with your small budget production. Depending on its scope, a Page 2 project can be as simple as a single camera set up to a multi-camera production with lighting, greenscreens, sound capture, and even catering. Page 2 is able to help you capture and tell the story of your wedding, product demonstration, special event, speaking engagement, acting audition, podcast, celebration of life video, and so much more. 


Page 2 will help you plan, script and stage your upcoming project. A skilled and certified videographer will meet the client to understand the goals with the video project to make sure it meets expectations. Page 2 handles everything from scouting the location to conceptualizing the script; from deciding lighting and camera angles to finding the right audio and music.

​All elements of video production including casting, equipment and crew happens during pre-production. "Pre-pro" is the planning stage. It’s where we get all of the ducks in a row so the rest of the production process is as smooth as gravy. Having a strong concept is an essential component in telling a video story. Not spending the proper amount of time in pre-production to nail down the project’s concept causes unnecessary delays in production. Not on our watch! Time is money and we’d like to see the final results as much as you do.


Production is the actual capture of video and audio related to the project. The specifics will vary depending on the type of video project planned. Page 2 supplies all equipment necessary including lighting, sound capture, and talent when necessary. Page 2 provides qualified camera operators to record your video project using high quality video recording devices.


Video is a highly successful communication tool. As a form of media, it is used to engage, inspire or educate a viewer. Merging both visual and audio elements, a video production allows you to completely engage an audience and take them on your journey using the creativity and technical skills of a videographer. Because it is so versatile, many would agree that that video production is an essential tool to effective storytelling.




Here's the fun part. After all the shooting has been completed, Page 2 will take everything recorded to create the video story you want to tell. Post-production, often referred to as “post,” is organizing, cutting, coloring and editing the footage captured in production. ​Post is where we bring it all together—the footage, the audio, special effects; all the elements that really make the video pop, are added to the final draft. But it doesn’t end there.

A draft, even a final draft, doesn’t mean it’s all done. Page 2 presents the final draft to the client to allow for changes if necessary. Once the last “tweeks” are made and client is satisfied, the video goes through the process of transferring the project to the proper output medium.



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